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Bioresonance according to Paul Schmidt

Quantum medicine through bioresonance


The term bioresonance brings together electromagnetic approaches for the detection and correction of problems in the living world.

Bioresonance according to Paul Schmidt is a special approach developed in Germany by Rayonex Biomedical ; it is also called vibratory medicine.


Paul Schmidt discovered in 1976 that certain frequencies made it possible to detect the presence, and the good or the bad functioning of certain organs, cells, vital substances, pathogens (viruses, bacteria ...), atoms or molecules, or energetic systems (points acupuncture for example).

Thus, the simple resonance measurement on one of these frequencies makes it possible to know in real time an energy response on the elements linked to this frequency.

The fundamental discoveries of Paul Schmidt are of paramount importance for medicine : each of these elements has its own fundamental frequencies of resonance. These frequencies are found in decades (harmonics in multiples of 10), from gHz to Hz, and the progression of the disease follows a detection in the lower and lower frequencies.

Send the magnetic frequency (or the frequency spectrum) to the system (body or test piece) and measure the resonance in return, to detect if the element corresponding to this frequency is present and in normal operation.

Send this same information for prolonged to therapeutic effects on the system.

This last point has been proved medically several times, in independent studies ; for example, a specific fundamental frequency identified as "life energy" increased by 45% the cellular metabolism of fibroblast cultures; another, linked to a certain type of cell, increased the activity of these cells but not of another type of cells (experiments on cell cultures).


Since 1976 (the beginning of research) and 1982 (the creation of Rayonex Biomedical), thousands of frequencies have been researched and found empirically (analysis of tens of similar samples, or comparison of dozens of healthy organs vs. organs). dysfunctional) ; but since the beginning of the decade, Rayonex Biomedical has asked independent laboratories, universities and hospitals for studies that prove beyond doubt that effective action at the cellular or clinical level - and even double-blind randomized - of these frequencies.



In summary :


Finding and emitting the appropriate frequency range to repair and treat malfunctions is the foundation of Bioresonance.

This process makes it possible to quickly identify the imbalances, to find the origin of the problem, to transmit the corrective information and to control its integration by the body.


Bioresonance offers us many possibilities for action on the living : Energy activity of organs, acupuncture meridians, state of vital substances and pollutants ... and allows me to evaluate a field, "a biological functioning" and of harmonize.

To be a little clearer, I will take the image of a radio show. Sometimes, the radio broadcast becomes sizzling or inaudible and you have to turn the frequency knob to find a clear and audible emission (to find the right frequency of operation of the show).


Bioresonance works on the same principle : The device will test the operating frequencies of the body and then restore those that sizzle, are not correct so that the body and all organs and cells vibrate at THEIR good frequency.

Maya Poussière : Biorésonance, techniques de chiropraxie, ostéopathie animale, ostéopathie équine, communication animale intuitive, magnétisme, décodage (libération) des mémoires. France / Suisse