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The Bioscan SWA is not really a personal care equipment but rather an analytical equipment.

Thanks to the teachings of scalar physics as the theoretical basis, the most modern electronics are used to measure the very low magnetic current of our cells.


The Bioscan SWA (Scalar Wave Analyzer) strongly resembles in its functioning, to the communication of the cells in our body Thus, it is possible to obtain information on the imbalances, the stress and the regulation (deficiencies and surpluses) of the energy field of our body.


In 90 seconds, the bioscan swa gives indications on the imbalances and the regulations as on the deficiencies and the excesses corresponding in a relevant way with the laboratory results. A total of 250 parameters are evaluated which provide detailed information on the current health status of the person.


With the Bioscan swa, it is possible to see the current pathologies but also to spot in time the deviations from the norm of some parameters that indicate emerging disorders of regulation. Thus the body imbalances can be treated from the onset of the disease by a preventive treatment.


The bioscanetic analysis system SWA bioscan provides, among other things, reports on the following areas:

  • Cardiovascular and cerebrovascular disorders

  • Gastrointestinal function

  • Liver, gallbladder, pancreas

  • Functioning of the kidneys

  • How the lungs work

  • Brain nerves

  • Diseases, density and bone growth

  • Blood Sugar

  • Amino acids

  • State of the general body

  • Endocrine system homotoxin

  • Trace elements and vitamins

  • Immune system

  • Heavy metals

  • Skin and allergies

  • eyes

  • Prostate and Gynecology

  • Breasts and mammary glands

2 possibilities to benefit from the Bioscan test are available to you :

  • You take appointment for a complete care session (about 1 hour) during which the different care techniques presented here are implemented including Bioscan analysis.

  • You take appointment for a Bioscan Test only with analysis and discussion (about 20 minutes). Price = 30 euros